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Are you walking in freedom? Or are you a victim of your feelings? Some of us try to deny any emotion that isn’t joy; others of us allow volatile emoti...View Details

The Blood. Now What?

This Eric teaches from the book of Hebrews: the meaning of the blood covenant Jesus made with us...its power and permanence. And forgiveness. This is ...View Details

The Blood of Jesus

 Eric shares the significance of Jesus' Blood and what it actually means to us as Sons and Daughters of God!

Eric concludes our summer study on the book of Ephesians and gives us a look at what it means to stand against the enemy using the Armor of God.

As One: Monday morning

Sean Miller, College Pastor at Lakeside, Closes out the Retreat with the "Possibility of Unity"

As one: Sunday night

Eric talks on "The Price of Unity"

As one: Sunday morning

Christian Guth, Speaks on "The Power of Unity"

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