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The Mysteries of God

Brian Orme teaches about the Mysteries of God in a night packed with amazing revelation and truth. You don't want to miss all that was unwrapped about...View Details

Outrageous Purpose

Join us this week as we continue our “Outrageous” series with a message from Eric Knopf about living with crystal clear purpose. In this message he co...View Details

Bryan sharing how God is doing amazing things through him as a teacher everyday! Having a real impact by instilling worth and giving God's love to the...View Details

How can our community at Epic Life truly live outrageously? Here is a testimony of 3 amazing individuals who were able to tangibly be a miracle to som...View Details

Outrageous Living

How can we begin to truly live an outrageous life? Listen to Eric as we begin living outrageously in 2015.

How can we fight against basing our value and lives on our performance and expectations? Cody shares how he has been able to live free from having a p...View Details

Do you want to have an outrageous year? Do you want to live a life overflowing with purpose, hope, and joy? The Bible says we are to live in such a wa...View Details

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