Archive for March 2015

Have you ever had a friend who called you when they needed help, but ignored when things were going fine? That’s what crisis Christianity is like. Thi...View Details

Riley talked about the circumstances in her life where she has stepped outside of her comfort zone and the growth and experience that she has gained a...View Details

Driven By His Presence

Pastor Damien Giacchino brought a powerful word about  being Driven By The Presence of God in our life! This is a must listen and you will not regret ...View Details

Lisa shares some of her story of how she has been able to move forward from the hurts of her past by choosing joy, following God and immersing herself...View Details

Wimp To Witness

Eric teached us this week about how to build spiritual muscles and walk in authority in our life! How do we live a life full of authority in the way t...View Details

Eric begins a new emphasis on outrageous transformation this week and kicks it off with a hard hitting message about how the wrong relationships can b...View Details

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