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This week Eric breaks down what he's been learning through his kids about the goodness of God. Is it different for each kid? Is it dependent on someth...View Details

Diane shared on what God's been showing her on what it means to be a daughter. Are you walking in the fullness of being a son/daughter? Listen to the ...View Details

Being & Belonging

Sara shared a few testimonies on how God has been teaching her about being and belonging from young to now.

Can You Stand The Heat?

This week Eric K. shared different keys to use in life when life is good that will enable you when life gets tough. Can you stand the heat?

How do you trust God and make the hard decisions that will bring freedom in your life? This week Camille was back with us sharing on the value of havi...View Details

Eric W. interviews Angela & Eugene on a great accomplishment they've both made this last week.

This week Eric K. helped us understand the difference between being lead by truth or feelings. Which are you being lead by?

Tara shared how God walked her through spiritual pruning where He revealed lies, doubts and helped her learn how to live like a Lion.

This week Damien shared what lust is, the damage it can cause, and how you can overcome it. #lustfree

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