Archive for November 2015

1,000 Acts of Kindness

This week Eric K. launched the 1,000 Acts of Kindness project. Hear the inspiration of it & join us as we change the world! You can get more infor...View Details

Jen shared what God has been teaching her about gossip and herself. A lot of freedom has been happening in her life, you'll want to listen!

Hit the Reset Button!

This week Eric W. asked a bunch of different questions to challenge where you're at spiritually. Are you living comfortable or are you willing to make...View Details

How God Rescued My Heart

Last night Jennifer K. shared how God rescued her from perfectionism, achievements, and so many other things. She also shared the importance of guardi...View Details

God's goodness has been transforming the way we think and live! This week Eric K. continued his series on the goodness of God. This is crazy stuff, li...View Details

God Won’t Let You Down

Last night Miasnick shared his story on how God hasn't let him down despite the multiple things that tried to hold him back. God can help, will you le...View Details

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