Archive for February 2016

This week Eric shared about how we're are no longer slaves, but friends and co-laborers with God. Are you living as a slave or friend with God? Listen...View Details

This week Curtis shared how God's hand was over his life especially when he wasn't suppose to live. Listen to how God has been transforming his life!

Standing in Righteousness

Have you ever asked yourself the question: “how can God be pleased with me after everything I’ve done?” The answer is simple. In tonight’s sermon, Eri...View Details

This week Charlotte shared her struggle with following rules and coming into relationship with God. Listen to her transformation process as she learne...View Details

Do you know the earliest lie you believed about yourself when you came to the faith? Most likely, if you’re similar to most Christians,  you made a fa...View Details

Kate shared how she realized she was fighting herself and not the enemy. Listen how she relied on God's goodness to pull her through tough times!

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