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What do you believe about God’s character? Many of us grew up receiving a general message that God is a selfish glory hog who is always keeping score,...View Details

Avak shared his testimony on how God delivered him from fear. Listen to how God brought 2 Timothy 1:7 to life in His life!

When you read the Bible and listen to God’s voice, what kind of tone do you hear? Does He sound like a boss, a mean gym coach, or a loving father? We ...View Details

You’re Worthy

Anca shared how God helped her face her pain and how Jesus understood it. Hear how God has been helping her through it all!

This week Eric Knopf continues our Character of God series by breaking down what it means that God does not boast. Many of us have falsely correlated ...View Details

I Belong To An “Our”

This week our very own Chrissa shared her journey into community with Epic Life. Get ready to laugh and hear some hope!

Last week, Eric Knopf started off our character of God series addressing God’s patience; this week he dives into God’s kindness. We’ve all heard that ...View Details

Finding Significance

Jedidah shared on her journey to finding significance. What is your significance defined by? Listen to what she's been learning!

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