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Activating Love

Of everything Jesus has told us, his greatest commandment is simple: to love. God is love, and he has called us to love one another not merely with wo...View Details


Caleb shared on how He started to find God through reading the Bible, community and so many other ways. Listen to His pursuit of God!

Your Promised Land Grapes

If you’re going to do anything important in your life, you will face difficulty. The problem is, many Christians see challenges as a U-turn sign inste...View Details

Tonight's message is all about turning revelation. Far too often we get excited about a revelation only to fall back into the same old patterns a week...View Details

I Am Truly Lovable

Sarah shared how God has been revealing how lovable she is! Listen to her journey!

Do you want to know the greatest predictor of your happiness? Hint: It’s not your income, your house size, or your exercise routine. Study after study...View Details

Body Image

Nick shared on how God has been giving him a lot of breakthrough from hopelessness in body image. This is a journey you'll want to listen to, There is...View Details

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