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During the first two weeks of our series on trials, Eric dispelled some of the existing myths about God authoring our pain. A lingering question still...View Details

This week, Eric Knopf continues our series about trials and tribulations. The Bible tells us we will have trouble: and it also says to have joy in all...View Details

Identity Crisis

Caleb discusses growing in Christ while trusting that you already are who God created you to be.

This week, Eric Knopf kicks off our series on trials and tribulations. The prevailing theology of our time says that God is responsible for everything...View Details

Trusting God

Ernesto shares his testimony of learning how to trust God.

Walking in Unity

Right now, there’s no greater need in ministry, in families, and in our country, than unity. Christ died so that we can walk in unity! In tonight’s se...View Details

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