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Moving in God

Brian Orme teaches on the truth of who you are in God. This message will make you think about how you move in God, what role you play in the Kingdom, ...View Details

Family Reunion

Krista discusses how the community at Epic life helped her to find out her ethnicity which led to a meeting her father who she had always believed was...View Details

Pastor Damien teaches on allowing ourselves to be remade into new wineskins to be ready for new wine.

The Power of Prayer

David shares his testimony revealing how God has performed several miracles in his life.

Calling All Dreamers

At the beginning of each New Year, Christians across the globe make long, lofty lists of resolutions. This year, however, Eric Knopf challenges us to...View Details

The Truth Has Set Me Free

Jessica shares how she was raised in a Christian environment and started conforming to the standards of the world once she entered the college enviro...View Details