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Epic Life's final celebration was a blast. If you want to re-experience it or hear it for the first time you can do so right here! Everything from tes...View Details

If you want to experience God's best for your life, you have to be ready to face resistance. Last week Eric Knopf preached about the dangers of delay ...View Details

A Testimony of a Family

LeeAnne testifies to the family that Epic Life has been and the effect that it has had on her life and growth. "When you're on the outside of a family...View Details

This week Eric Knopf kicks off our God’s Best series with a message about taking your place in the Kingdom. The Bible says “every place where you set ...View Details

God designed us for victory. Unfortunately, many of us still live as victims, because we are unaware of who God has made us and we place limits on our...View Details

Do you think about yourself the same way God thinks about you? If you're like most Christians, the chances are high you have a misalignment, here. Wha...View Details

The Best is Yet to Come!

Chrissa Trudelle shares her testimony about how the 'not yets' in her life have been transformed from haunting her story to driving her story. "After ...View Details

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