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One of the biggest lies we believe about God is that He separates from us when we sin. We believe a Holy God cannot even look upon sin and therefore s...View Details

This session is from Epic Life Tahoe and the power of the lies we believe about God and how they kill our ability to have right, intimate, and powerfu...View Details

This message is from William Jessup University where Eric Knopf shared on the greatest lie he ever believed — choosing between ministry or marketplace...View Details

This is part 2 of Eric's message on Stepping Into Your Spiritual Authority. If you want to live a powerful life that brings the Kingdom to every area ...View Details

Many believers today are timid, insecure, and afraid. Rather than stepping out to be the hands and feet of Jesus, they have reduced their faith down t...View Details

How do we reconcile the God of the Old Testament, who appears vengeful, violent and angry with the compassionate, loving Jesus of the New Testament? I...View Details

What do you believe happened on the Cross? Was Jesus punished for our sins or was He creating a covenant of forgiveness? Eric preaches the second part...View Details

Who we believe God to be is the most important thing about us. In this message, Eric shares the story of our sin and separation and how we got it all ...View Details

The Unfair Advantage

Jesus says that "the world is going to give you trouble, but I have overcome the world." This sermon is all about the unfair advantage that Christians...View Details

How To Not Get Deceived

Eric Knopf preaches on how the devil causes confusion in minds of believers so they don’t make the right decisions that lead to powerful lives. It beg...View Details

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