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Many believers today are timid, insecure, and afraid. Rather than stepping out to be the hands and feet of Jesus, they have reduced their faith down t...View Details

How do we reconcile the God of the Old Testament, who appears vengeful, violent and angry with the compassionate, loving Jesus of the New Testament? I...View Details

Who we believe God to be is the most important thing about us. In this message, Eric shares the story of our sin and separation and how we got it all ...View Details

In this episode Eric Knopf interviews Eric Waterbury to discuss intentionality in relationships. They discuss a tool that they use in their own minist...View Details

The biggest battleground of our time is within our minds. If the devil can influence your mind, he can influence your life. The problem is most Christ...View Details

Creating with God

From the foundations of the earth, God destined man to co-create with Him. Creating is not about art, ink or music, it's about creating the future wit...View Details

In our very first podcast interview session, we talked with Eric Waterbury about why people torch their lives. In this podcast, Eric Waterbury talks a...View Details

Epic Life is back! Do you ever ache for something more in your life? Do you long to live a life of significance? It turns out, there’s a reason for th...View Details

Epic Life is coming back

Hi Epic Life Fam! Over the past year since we have ended our regularly weekly services, we have felt the stirring to do something new and something bi...View Details

Epic Life's final celebration was a blast. If you want to re-experience it or hear it for the first time you can do so right here! Everything from tes...View Details

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