Perhaps the biggest lie people believe about God's Will is that God will bring suffering into your life as part of His Will. Unanimously people cite t...View Details

Everyone references the Will of God, but very few people can cite a correct passage on the Will of God. In night 2, Eric takes you through every passa...View Details

The first part of this three part sermon is all about introducing you to what the Will of God actually is and debunking all of the lies and misconcept...View Details

Eric Knopf shares powerful insights to at the Sacramento NextGen Pastors gathering and outlines 10 steps for making a dent in the universe. If you wan...View Details

Charity Eliering shares her amazing story from being limited and suppressed to becoming a powerful business woman, a powerful mother, and a powerful c...View Details

The biggest battleground of our time is within our minds. If the devil can influence your mind, he can influence your life. The problem is most Christ...View Details

Eric Knopf and Eric Watebury share a conversation about what it means to develop a spine. How do you go from being a spineless people pleaser to a wor...View Details

We believe entrepreneurship is a strategic in for Kingdom Impact in our current culture. In this interview, we talk with Tom Walters of Rehab Science....View Details

People think that when they got saved that means they are going to heaven. You didn't just get saved. You got transformed. So few believers know what ...View Details

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