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Claudia shares her testimony of the lies that people had spoken over her and how God used those lies as a launching point to finding healing.

This week Eric Knopf continues our Daddy God series by uncovering more truth about God’s identity. From an early age, many of us unknowingly assign ch...View Details

Faith for Missions

Dorothy shares her experiences of believing for the impossible and being sent on mission trips, as well as what those trips have accomplished.

Love Equals Freedom

Destiny shares her testimony of going through struggle and self-doubt and encourages others through her story.

To hear more from Destiny visit her we...View Details

Do you want to transform your relationship with God? Start by taking a look at who you believe God is. Who you believe God to be determines everything...View Details

This week Eric Knopf wraps up our series on God and trials by tackling a question that has plagued Christians for years... "is sickness for God’s glor...View Details

Spiritual Freedom

Bryan Ryan discusses how he has gone deeper with God and community to find spiritual freedom.

What comes to your mind when you think of Church? For many Christians, Church conjures up images of singing, group potlucks, a list of rules, and a co...View Details

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