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One of the biggest lies we believe about God is that He separates from us when we sin. We believe a Holy God cannot even look upon sin and therefore s...View Details

This session is from Epic Life Tahoe and the power of the lies we believe about God and how they kill our ability to have right, intimate, and powerfu...View Details

How do we reconcile the God of the Old Testament, who appears vengeful, violent and angry with the compassionate, loving Jesus of the New Testament? I...View Details

What do you believe happened on the Cross? Was Jesus punished for our sins or was He creating a covenant of forgiveness? Eric preaches the second part...View Details

Who we believe God to be is the most important thing about us. In this message, Eric shares the story of our sin and separation and how we got it all ...View Details

How should we look at God's sovereignty? Is God in control or is he in charge? How should we look at our role in this world in relationship to a power...View Details

It’s the end of the year and many of us are evaluating all areas of life, including our relationship with God. Are you happy about your relationship w...View Details

This week Eric Knopf wraps up our series on God and trials by tackling a question that has plagued Christians for years... "is sickness for God’s glor...View Details

This week, Eric Knopf continues our series about trials and tribulations. The Bible tells us we will have trouble: and it also says to have joy in all...View Details

What do you believe about God’s character? Many of us grew up receiving a general message that God is a selfish glory hog who is always keeping score,...View Details

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