Have you ever asked yourself questions such as: “how does God want to use me?” or “what am I called to do?” Thankfully, these questions do not have to cause you stress and confusion. On the contrary, these questions are answered when you discover your God-given calling as described in Ephesians 4. This week Eric Knopf preaches about the evangelist gifting as he continues his series on the 5 fold ministry.

 If you have the evangelist gifting, your contribution to the ministry of God is to make famous the stories of Jesus’ remarkable goodness and transformation. You are the carrier of good news and are partners with Jesus in celebrating people’s transformation. You stir curiosity and desire to know Jesus and play a significant role in inviting people into God’s family. You have a unique gifting that is essential to the ministry of God.

If you want to learn more about the evangelist or steward your own gifts well, listen in to this message!

*Find out what your Fivefold Gifting is by taking the test at www.FiveFoldMinistry.com*

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