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Eric Knopf and Eric Watebury share a conversation about what it means to develop a spine. How do you go from being a spineless people pleaser to a wor...View Details

Sustaining Breakthrough

Have you ever had a breakthrough, that stopped as quickly as it began? If so, you’re not alone. In this message,  Eric Waterbury shares not only how t...View Details

Dignity is an Inside Job

In tonight’s sermon, Eric Waterbury challenges each and every person to step it up, elevate their character and walk with dignity. Dignity is eroded b...View Details

Eric Waterbury has been getting some powerful breakthroughs lately, and he is here tonight to share them! Most Christians say that they want to grow, ...View Details

Tonight, Eric Waterbury teaches about breakthroughs. Often, what we call breakthrough is a really revelation or inspiration, but the two are not the s...View Details

Walking in Unity

Right now, there’s no greater need in ministry, in families, and in our country, than unity. Christ died so that we can walk in unity! In tonight’s se...View Details

Are You a Fraidy Cat?

In tonight’s sermon, Eric Waterbury teaches about fear. Fear is one of the most powerful emotions that exists on the planet. It’s debilitating, soul-c...View Details

Your Promised Land Grapes

If you’re going to do anything important in your life, you will face difficulty. The problem is, many Christians see challenges as a U-turn sign inste...View Details

Tonight's message is all about turning revelation. Far too often we get excited about a revelation only to fall back into the same old patterns a week...View Details

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